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Hello everyone,
I am back from my holidays and decided to share something with you. Today's guide is about search. I know we have the nav bar up the top for that but that is not my favourite two options.
My ways puts search inside the blog.
Often blogs come with a search box built in on some templates but not really on the standard templates.
I'll start off with the easy html - free google way.
You will need
# Admin Privs
Time aprox: 5 - 3 minutes.
1. Go to Blogger in draft (the beta blogger)
I will do an article on its pros and cons later but now back to the guide.....
2. Click the layout link, it will take you to the Edit layout page, click add gadget.
3. Then click search box.
It should make a search box for you
Way two:
You will need:
# admin privs
Time 1 mins - 2 mins
copy this code into a widget

Sorry for the lack of topics I will be back to more harder things soon Any ideas?
1 comments: Go there to get the orange puffle!!!

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