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HTML GUIDE III: Picture Links


Sorry for not posting for a while I was thinking of a few good things and testing them out. Just a quick note before we begin, please join The Orange Zone at the last part of the CPC main blog. Its LM's new section Please check it out ;-)

Right..... I got the idea for this tutorial from chuckey's Smile Penguins If you go through the old CPS there is a pic that is a link. I know a few of you know how to do this but here it is anyway

1.Find or upload an image to or from a image host (as always not photobucket sorry)

2. Get the direct URL of the image and copy it to your clipboard. Quick Tip: by direct URL I mean the Url to a page with only the image.

3. Type

Congrats you made a link image!

This was a rather simple form of it. If I went into details on more hard versions of it I would be here 'til midnight. So search the web and try experimenting.

Feel free to comment.

Have fun@ the fiesta
Adios Amigos! See you next lesson and Remember

Kids are empowered through knowledge


ohh heke :>

thx for the link back ;-) though, may i ask which part of SMILE Penguins did you get the idea? lol

I've joined the Orange Zone...

Images from Photobucket do work!!! I use Photobucket in creating templates!! :(

Change your text color into something not dark... it's really very hard to read so I had to highlight it...

In general, nice post... :>

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