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Welcome everyone to this Html-Guide. My name is Dmaster.

Today's Technopengi is about Favicons.

So what is a Favicon?
A Favicon is the icon that appears before a URL when you enter a webpage. In blogger it is set as a the orange Blogger-Logo, you all know.

This can be changed to a personalized logo with these steps:

1. Make a logo 16 X 16 pixels or 32 X 32. ( I suggest a low detail image otherwise it will be not easy to see and not very clear.) Here are samples which you may copy/download and use as template:

16px Square

32px Square

2. Upload the image ( 16 x 16 or 32 x 32 ) to a web image hosting service NB not photobucket I encountered some problems with that.

3. Find the direct URL. (by direct URL I mean the URL that take you to only the image)

4. Copy the direct URL.

5. Open blogger. Click the layout link, the "edit HTML" tab, this takes you to the HTML source of your template.

Search for the title tag, as shown
and after that, type

paste your direct URL where it says url of your logo.jpeg
NB put quotation marks at the end and beginning of the URL
(Note: your image can also be gif, png, or ico - LM)

6. Save Template and you're done!

Congrats you made a Favicon!

Hope this wasn't too hard. Feel free to comment!

Next time if you want something simple, I have a few ideas in mind…

UPDATE: IF IT DIDN'T WORK TRY THE alternant code on Favicon Fixes

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