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Favicon Fun Fix!

LM: Yeehaw!

DMaster: Hello! Looks like the Favicon Html Guide did not work for some of you.

LM: Although it worked for us, it doesn't mean that it would work for everybody. That is because we all have different Blog Templates, not to mention different web browsers

DMaster: like Internet Explorer, Firefox & Opera!

LM: and different Operating Systems

DMaster: like Windows, Linux & Mac

LM: That means, some templates may require a whole new HTML code or just a different location in your template.

LM & DMaster: So now, we have researched and tested 2 Favicon Fun Fixes that will be compatible with your template, web browser and operating system. Here they are:

Step 1: Complete your Favicon Html Code as shown:

Replace the codes in red with the URL of your favicon.

(Please note that aside from JPG, you may also use images in the following format: ico, png and gif. You may also use an animated favicon in GIF format.)

Step 2: Now, let's put the FAVICON HTML CODE into your template!

There are 2 more ways to do it. Choose one that works for you!

Choice 1: Look for the Head Tags and paste your Favicon code ANYWHERE in between, like this:

Choice 2: Look for the the b:skin code and paste your Favicon HTML Code right below it, like this:

Step 3: Now save your template and check out the favicon beside your URL in the address bar!

DMaster: We hope this fixes your Favicon problem! Until next time...

LM: Ciao! ;-)


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