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Did you ever wonder what those links beneath my banner & page buttons are? Well, they are TAGS or LABELS for my posts. I put labels on my posts so that readers can easily find the topic they are looking for. Blogger has a built-in Label Widget, but oh! how boring the presentation is! Label Cloud is waaaay fuuuuunkier! ;-)

Here is ONE way, well actually THE EASIEST WAY, how to put a Label/Tag Cloud on your site!

First, go to

Then, follow these steps:
01. Add Your Tags: Tick "All Links from the Website". Then, type in the URL of your website. There is also an option where you can enter your tags manually.

But then, why would you do that?

Unless you enjoy inflicting pain on yourself! hehehe.

The rule of thumb is, if you let the generator automatically generate label cloud for you, you don't have to do anything if you have new tags. If you add tags manually, then you have to manually add tags everytime you have a new tag. Aaaarrrggghhh!

02. Parameterize Your Tag Cloud: In other words, "Funky-size Your Tag Cloud". Customize your tag cloud to fit your site's theme. A small tip though, at the very bottom of this step, you will see the Paragraph parameter. Tick the second or middle alignment option. This looks good than the other 2. Trust me ;-)

03. Your Tag Cloud View: This is how your Tag Cloud looks like after doing all parameters in step 02.

04. HTML Code for Your Website: If you like what you see in step 03, then copy the generated HTML code and paste it on your sidebars or below your header.

That's it! Isn't is as easy as ABC? ;-)

This is NOT the way how I did mine though. I went with the Long Hard Way. If you want to know how I did mine, say in comment and I may post about it next time.

But then, again, why would you do the long hard way when you have the short easiest way at your disposal?

Unless, again, you enjoy inflicting pain on yourself.

Like me! Mwahahaha! ;-)

No Guts, No Glory
No Pain, No Gain

Hello There! ~Lady Maryann~

Coolio. I've always wondered how to add one of those.

How did you get a Wordpress theme on Blogger?!

YAY! Funkilicous! Too bad my computer sucks and prevents me from being able to add those kinds of things ugg! Notice how boring my blog is?(if anyone even knows about it :o)ya its all cuz of my "compooper" as I like to call it oh and good job Lady M! u rock my sox off! lol

Super Secret Shady Spy Ninja,

hi moo! i went to your site. its actually very nice. no trace of your compooper at all hahaha! i like the color and the way your write things.... all it needs are some pizzazzzzz and youre ready to go! weeeee! ;-)

keep on improving! youre cool! ;-)

I like presents. Mine is bluish.
P.S. I voted for Straw000, Pengineeta, and Stickers303 on the poll/ballot.

I want the hard way!Please!The fast and easy way doesen't work for me!

Pse ca yoy show us the Long Hard Way?

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