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Blog Trick #2: Center Alignment

This is the Right Yellow Sidebar in Club Penguin Crazy Main Page

Things that you put on your sidebars are called Widgets. They are small programs or scripts or codes that do specific tasks. The problem is, those widgets are often shown or posted on the LEFT! It would definitely be nicer if those widgets are posted right at the CENTER!

Here is how:

For example purposes, we will use Who's On Widget from www. This is the code that Amungus gives you.

This code adds the widget to the LEFT of your sidebar.

To move the widget to the center, simply add the codes highlighted in red at the beginning and end of the code above:

Now, the widget will be added to the CENTER of your sidebar.

Homework: Try replacing the word "center" in the code with the following and see what happens:
1. Left
2. Right
3. Justify

Enjoy the Code! ;-)

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