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xAguair Mascot Contest

Here is my entry to xAguair's Mascot Contest. I hope I win.

The Panda Mascot at 200px by 200px

Each of the Mascot's eye, mouth, ear, hand and foot can be rotated, resized, moved however you want. I think official mascots should be able to reflect current theme or emotion of the site/organization they are representing ;-)

Here is one sample where you can use the mascot in a scene.

1. The Blue-White Sunburst - A representation of Scotland's Blue & White Flag. That's where Aguair is ;-)
2. The Sun - Well, it's a GEAR, representing xAguair's interest in internet technology
3. The Lawn - Green Grass means Bounty: bounty in information that the site provides its readers
4. The Flowers - The flowers are called THISTLE, Scotland's National Flower. Read it in WIKI, it's got very nice story ;-)
5. the xAguair Banner - this is an example how the mascot can be made to hold ANYTHING. And I mean, ANYTHING ;-)
6. The Panda - I haven't got a name for it yet, considering I just knew of this contest only 2 hours ago ;-)

I made this 2 pics in an hour. A little longer than I expected. That is because I got hooked reading Scotland's history ;-)

Now, go to xAguair's Site and vote for me ;-)

Hello There! ~Lady Maryann~

OMG, that's so amazing! I love the thistles & the background, and - everything! Thanks, Maryann!

wow! that was fast! i just posted this one ;-) thanks! if i win, i will send you the PSD format with ALL the layers so you can customize it however, anytime :D

LOL!! Good one :) I will vote for you!! I thikn the panda can be AG-Bear or Bearguir?? :) LOL:D

aww very nice!

you're friend goofy73!

you won! congratulations! you rock!

you're friend goofy73

i need a 3 column template for blogger. where can i get one?

Hi lady maryanne where did you get this theme for technopengi cos this theme will look good on TPT penguin book

Princemooch ;-)


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