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Welcome to TechnoPengi!


Thank You for waiting patiently for TechnoPengi!

It took me longer than expected to do what I had envisioned TechnoPengi to be. A lot is yet to be improved but since some of you have been waiting for its release (and quite impatient too! lol! and its my fault anyways ;-) apologies) , I decided to publish TechnoPengi despite its semi-unfinished state ;-)

Just a backgrounder, I have been changing the CSS for the uptempth time! And in the end, I went back to the theme I first chose: the iTheme from Wordpress (this is a blogger blog, yah know ;-)). This Wordpress theme proved to be a little difficult for me as I have been used to tweaking Blogger. Its HTML codes are different from those of CPC's. I am working on blog improvements which I wasn't able to do on the Club Penguin Crazy Pages. Since this is a tech site, I challenge myself to do things that are beyond my amateur skills and share them all to you ;-)

I wanted to publish TechnoPengi with awesome visuals. I haven't got that now, sadly, but this site will keep on changing until I achieve my dream for it. Anyways, when we really get down to it, content is still more important ;-)

I apologize for the delay of TechnoPengi. I wanted something close to perfection ;-) So please bear with me for a while yet and let me just get my groove on this. Hopefully, next TechnoPengi issues will be smoother and on time ;-)

As I don't think I would achieve Perfection anyways, here it is.... ;-)

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Hello There! ~Lady Maryann~


Hi. Thank you for your patience. Please comment. I would be happy to listen to your ideas! ;-)

Thank you.

Supah Powah! ^.^

Absolutely brilliant lady maryann! cant wait to get into the technical stuff :D

im really waiting for it!!!

and it finally came out!


cooolie! just like how you showed me! where's the background changer? wanna change mine to PINK! yay!

pen flippy: hahaha thanks flipflop but i think "absolutely brilliant" is a bit exagerrated! lol!

club dad: thanks for waiting ;-) hope you like it ;-)

chuckleloo: there is no pink! just blue, green, red and black.... the codes are in conflict with something... im still tweaking.... but i will load it up as soon as i fix it... i would probably add dark pink (hmmm or fucshia, they are the same right?) ;-)

you guys are awesome! ;-)

Hey!! it's me Straw! :D This site is really great and so I decided to put your technopengi widget on my site:D

Too bad I use a mac so I cannot apply the skills you posted but the rest of the posts are really awesome. I will be coming at least twice a week to this site to check updates out so I am bookmarking it! : D

I find working with my WP CSS (i haven't bought it YET) fun, yet I cannot acheive that perfect look that we all dream of. Can't wait to see your updates to this site!

straw000: hi straw! you are sooo nice! well, i told you that already, didn't i? ;-) well you are! ;-) thank you thank you! yup youre definitely not a snob.... you made me so happy doing something like that.... thanks sooooo much! ;-)

yinyang15cp: but why do you have to buy CSS? how much is it? in Blogger, CSS are totally free ;-) thanks matt!

you two are awesome! ;-)

Your welcome
It's only 15$, and I've already been on WP for awhile so I don't wanna switch and Im familiar with WP CSS so ya...
Now if I start a new blog, Ill use something with free CSS

oh! thats cheap hahaha it thought it expensive. i registered in wordpress and blogger at the same time. i found blogger to be easier, up until now, i cant seem to figure out wordpress ;-)lol! but i read somewhere that wordpress is more powerful than blogger :-(

i am really comfused! how do you make two pictures touching, i mean on paint it creates a white line! i only know how to do that if it is a box but otherwise i am so angry!

you're friend goofy73

for example how did you make you're ice berg party!

you're friend goofy73

hi goofy! we will get to that dont worry ;-)

i use adobe photoshop and image ready but since you have to purchase THAT, i found another software! yay!

i like your avatar. its wacky! ;-)

how do u make a three column site like clubpenguin crazy! i am so bad at widgets it is not even funny!

you're friend goofy73

Dear Goofy73,

Lady Marryan got the 3-colum theme from Heres how to see the templates at

1.Go to Resources at the top of the page.
2.Scroll down to where there is text. To the right,there should be a picture that says check out our templates
3.Explore around and look for your perfect template!

(Lady Maryann's is called :Rounders 3)

At page 8 you can find Rounders 3

thanks panpap!

you're friend goofy73(c''D)

wait but now my edit html is saying the couldn't save it because "invalid variable declaration in page skin: variable is used but not defined.Input: endSide

you're friend goofy73


Thats weird! I don't know,keep trying! I know a penguin like you can do it! Try telling Lady Maryann in case she knows!

Your site is really rolling! Check mine out.

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Is there a way to use the template without downloading it?


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